Comedians keep Telluride Audience Laughing Ten Years and Counting


For the last decade Telluride Comedy Festival has been keeping us laughing every year, hosted at the Sheridan Opera House, Telluride’s historic venue, which recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary.  Locals and tourists alike filled the seats selling out the theatre all four nights of the festival. Jeb Berrier, the festivals’ founder who lived in Telluride for many years created the festival out of a love of improve, having been a part of improve troupes in Boston and New York, Berrier envisioned a festival with world class comedians and made it so. Berrier, no stranger to the Telluride stage has directed countless theatre productions, participated in stand up at the Telluride Comedy Festival and is the proud winner of an Emmy for his work on TellurideTV.

 The Telluride Comedy Festival hosts different programs each night ranging from stand up, a one man/woman show, and improv. This year’s cast was filled with top notch comedians including: Nick Kroll, Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, Rob Heubel, Jason Mantzoukas and Cameron Esposito. Rob Corddry and Jason Mantzoukas have both been coming to the festival for years, and make a point to be prioritize the festival each year to attend. The Sheridan Opera House generally doesn’t release the lineup of comedians until the week of the event, which adds extra suspense. Luckily for ticket buyers Berrier does a great job in bringing in the best.

The Telluride Comedy Festival takes place every year in Mid-February. Be sure when booking your stay at The Hotel Telluride next year, if you plan to stay in February, to look into the Festival. Tickets range from $35-50 for a seat and $200 for a table of four.


Photos by our own The Hotel Telluride Reservationist/Sales Coordinator,  Riley Arthur.






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