Telluride's newest festival promises to ignite excitement

There’s a hot new festival coming to town next year. Mark your calendar, next January during Martin Luther King weekend Mountain Village will host the 1st Annual Telluride Fire Festival. The fire festival will consist of a wielding workshop and multiple fire installations. Performers will be fire dancing, interactive art, and multiple burning structures.

The Mountain Village Owners Association gave the festival a green light, to move forward. The fire festival has had several hurdles to jump over to get approved. The organizers have had multiple meetings with the Telluride Volunteer fire department, Telluride Town Council, Telluride Parks and Recreation Department and the Commission for Community Assistance, Arts and Special Events as well as a town fire permit. Telluride current fire regulations forbid any fires that can be quantified as larger than a camp fire. After a recent Telluride Town Council meeting, it was determined that due to Telluride’s geographic location within a box canyon the biggest concern was air quality, however the Town of Telluride agreed to allow the festival.  An amendment to the current regulations to include an exemption for small public fires with no impact to air quality needed to be made.

In the end, the Telluride Fire Festival found a within Mountain Village core and in downtown Telluride, which has in recent years increased the number of events it hosts in an effort to diversify. The Telluride Fire Festival will certainly be a unique event.

For years the Telluride Fire Festival’s founders have built sculptures for the Burning Man fesitval and then held local parties at the old Deep Creek Mine, centered around their large moving fire installations. One such event took place at the end of March where a large maze built out of scrap wood was burnt, with a DJ booth and a band performing within the mine. It will be a display to remember. Look to book with The Hotel Telluride, a proud sponsor of the festival!



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