DIY Telluride Wedding Details

DIY Telluride Wedding Ideas

Here are some ideas from REAL Telluride weddings that have a rustic DIY feel. Photos were taken by Riley Arthur, our own Reservations/Sales Coordinator who is also a local wedding photographer. Consider these personalized details when planning your Telluride wedding and don’t forget to have your wedding party stay at the Hotel Telluride, it not too late to book!

Idea #1: Take your engagement photos in a scenic spot in Telluride and restage them on the day of your wedding. There isn’t an ugly spot in town, but you can’t go wrong with shots on mainstreet with Ajax in the background!

 Fun way to show engagement and wedding picture. Shoot in the same location, in an area of town that means something to the couple. In this case, the image was taken in front of the local historic bar/hotel where the bride works which was also the venue for the reception and the place the bride and groom spent their wedding night. 

Idea #2: A great way to incorporate a past loved one is to pin military metals into the inside of your wedding gown. A fun alternative is pinning saint charms for good luck. It’s an easy thing to do, and a great way to personalize your dress.


Idea #3  Make your own rustic ‘Just Married sign’ or ‘Thank you sign’ and get creative with posing. This couple got married at Trout Lake and used the old train tressel to compliment the wooden ‘Just Married Sign’

A congratulations is in order for Rae and Andrew who got hitched today! Beautiful day it was!


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