Wedding Trends: What's In and What's Out in 2013

The Hotel Telluride is lucky to be part of such an extensive wedding-trendy collection, that we had our Social Media Marketing Specialist, Casey Tilli give us the scoop on 'What's In and What's Out in 2013'! 

We recently tapped into our team of Destination wedding specialists from California to Vermont to ask them what’s hot and what’s not for the year ahead. Our survey revealed 2012’s most popular wedding trends and gave us a peek into what couples and wedding guests can anticipate for 2013.

In: Quality Over Quantity.  “We anticipate small party weddings (50 guests or less) to rise in the next year,” said Jena Dyches of Skamania Lodge. “Couples are spending more on personalizing the individual elements of the reception, rather than on accommodating large groups,” she continued.

Out: Large Bridal Parties. Echoing the sentiments of quality over quantity, planners expect bridal parties to shrink as well in 2013. “The days of matching dresses and large bridal parties are shifting; smaller parties and bridesmaids choosing their own dress style and even color are becoming more common,” says Abbey Arp of MileNorth Hotel.

In: Foodie Fever. The focus on customized food and beverage offerings at weddings was at an all time high in 2012. “Couples are focused on food they love and sharing it with their guests, for an intimate dinner party feel,” said Kimberly Baez of Terranea Resort. From food trucks to gluten free menus, there was a broad variety of dishes served in 2012 reaffirming the importance of a thoughtful, personalized menu for couples and their guests.

Out: Chicken or Fish. Planners are seeing menus without limitations. “We’re seeing a little bit of everything – multiple courses with wine pairings, plated dinners, breakfast for dinner, tapas, cultural dishes, kosher, family-style meals, but each is carefully selected and seems to have a meaning to the couples, their friends and families,” says Baez.

In: #GettingHitched. Social media engagement is increasingly becoming a key factor in wedding planning. In addition to the Pinterest phenomenon, couples are incorporating numerous social elements into their wedding. “We’ve had a lot of couples “hashtag” their weddings, making all of the online posts, images and uploads easily available post-ceremony,” says Julie Arroyo of Paradise Point. “This is making it very important for our staff to be up-to-date and savvy on the latest social media trends,” she continued.

Out: Weddings without WiFi. #Obvi. While photo booths were hot in 2011 and 2012, brides are now turning to programs like Snapgram and Instagram to do the photo sharing work, all they have to do is provide the flare.

In: Breaking a Few Traditions. Another trend that emerged in 2012, anticipated to really take off in 2013 is the drift away from the traditional elements seen in decades past. “It’s no longer a “faux pas” to have a Friday wedding or open seating,” explained Calais Van Horn of Stowe Mountain Lodge. “We’re getting more and more requests for off-peak times, evening ceremonies and welcome receptions replacing formal rehearsal dinners,” Van Horn said.

Out: The garter and bouquet toss. “We’ve been seeing this trend rapidly decline over the past few years but it was almost non-existent in 2012, and don’t expect it to return in 2013,” says Pam Sparks of Valley River Inn.

(Still) In: Channeling Martha Stewart. The DIY trend is not going away any time soon. The survey indicates 90% of weddings that took place among the portfolio’s properties in 2012 had several handmade or homemade, Pinterest-inspired elements. Menus, take-away gifts, centerpieces, bridal bouquets and even desserts are increasingly being “made with love” rather than ordered.

Out: Anything Uninspired. If you’re a bride-to-be, it’s all about creating a personalized affair.

For additional trends, packages, honeymoon offers and advice from the experts at Destination Hotels & Resorts, please visit the Destination Wedding Collection. For even more wedding ideas and inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.


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